Crogen Estate

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Mountain Biking with Red Bull

What an amazing week! During the wettest week of drought on record (!), Red Bull came to Crogen. They brought with them a team of technicians, mechanics, nutrionists and, most importantly, a group of 12 young athletes from all over Europe to the mud and fun that was North Wales in April 2012.

The project was started by Dan Atherton in conjunction with the Robertson family; the aim was to help prepare top junior riders for senior racing. Using courses designed by the athertons and others local to the area, we embarked on our first test of serious mountain biking at Crogen.


It was a very full week, and included cross-country riding, dirt jumps, downhill (see this quick clip), motoenduro, general fitness and gym training. Red Bull ran and sponsored the entire event using all the Crogen facilitites - along with daily use of the laundry in Bala!! Dan Atherton was on hand the whole time to give the riders full pointers, and all the riders were given training on everything from fitness to nutrition by the Red Bull team.

The week ended with competitive timed rides on final day - and some welcome sunshine... check out our gallery below.




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