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Cadet Challenge

We are strong believers in corporate social responsibility. One of the great joys of Crogen is being able to host events that benefit the local community and celebrate the achievements of those striving to better the world around them - local and national. The Crogen Cadet Challenge was devised by the Robertsons when Henry was High Sheriff in 2009. The Challenge has now been running for 3 years and was designed to “develop confidence in young people within a team framework”. It consists of community work, fundraising for charity, outdoor activities and sport, for which The Queen Victoria Cup is awarded to the overall winners. The cup was initially presented to the family in recognition of Queen Victoria’s visit and business achievements in North East Wales.

The Challenge involves teams from Gwynedd and Clwyd armed forces, emergency services and from young people who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. In essence, the idea is to promote working for good as a team – a different sort of gang culture - through the medium of the Cadet Challenge. From 2012, the participants will have the chance to travel to Nepal, with involvements in activities and community work, subject to them being able to raise the necessary funding. Without the support of ScottishPower Renewables, this event would be difficult to run in its current form. It is a classic corporate social responsibility project whereby business, property and the public sector can combine to help young people.

Although only the Physical Challenge section of the event is open to the public, the Community section of the event on Friday evening is equally as important. Each team does a 15-minute presentation on a project they have worked on within their community during the past year. They have to show a panel of judges how their project was of benefit to the community and to themselves, how it raised the profile of young people within the community, how they demonstrated their individual leadership skills within the team and, finally, what did they do practically to complete their project.

The Challenge day, Saturday, ends with the prize-giving ceremony involving all the teams: awards are given for the community presentation, each of the physical team challenges, the football tournament and the overall winners receive The Victoria Cup. There is also an award for the team that demonstrates the best attitude and enthusiasm to the challenges. For further information, go to